Arnaud Liard

As founding member of the the LCA, under the name Osean, Arnaud Liard developed his unique style along the parisian train tracks and underground stations in the 1990s.

Rejecting at an early age Grati’s traditional American style, Liard is inspired by writers such as Zedz, Delta and Sender, who were also known for breaking free grati’s traditional codes.

Inuenced by classical paintings such as Duchamp’s “Nude descending a staircase”, Honda made several Cubist oriented murals. In the same vein as Hof, he developed his letters into graphical shapes. In early 2000, he founded with Onde and Hobz the TRBDSGN collective that has since become a reknowned design studio while its respective members continue being active inside Paris’ fenced yards.

Pyramid publishing company recently centered a volume of their Design&Designer series to their work. Honda has also participated to Lek and Sowat “Mausolée” project as well as their Palais de Tokyo group show.

Under his real name, Arnaud Liard paints on canvas, systematically covering their surface with cement since 2002. In his paintings, he strives to render the urban theater he lives in, staging each new frame as a street photograph.

He deconstructs realistic landscapes, breaking them towards a more graphic and abstract composition.